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Where is Humanity?

Humanity is crucial right now, especially in this condition. We worried the system will be broke, economy will be in chaos, but the first thing that already broken is humanity. Everyone are get controlled by fear, fear of hunger. But if we take a look in Africa back then even til now they’re still struggling with hunger and lack of food. I have small but quiet ironic conversation with my uncle tonight, we think about the people here during this pandemic. I’m gonna admit that Indonesia is a country that still grow with 270 million population. If the curve keep jumping up then maybe people will suffer not by the coronavirus itself, but by hunger due to massive food shortages. My uncle told me when he went to grocery to buy milk he just take as he needed cause the stock on a rack are not much but then when he looked at rich people found the other stock just out of the warehouse they bought in one troly full, he shaked his head, how people can be so selfish?

I’m worried if people keep like that, the humanity will be die and how’s the world will be happen one day? Is the world will be safe for my children in the future? This is not just a problem of certain circles, we all in this together. So let’s we face this together and hand in hand helping each other. If we can reflect this with humanity I’m sure and believe that we will see this one day as a blessing. If you maybe can feel the busyness keep us distant from our family and the love one, and when we come back to home from work we just gonna take a rest and often forget making time with family. But doing this social distancing we finally can spend time together with our family at home. If we can think about that deeper, that how importat making good time with family I’m sure we gonna be change to be a better person in a very positive way. So I think this time is our chance to learn and take lesson from this situation. I know it’s not easy cause we worried when we see a lot of news that the victims keep increasing every day. But together we can through this and get the life back. And the universe will heal by the time.

-Naz, 300320

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Wall in my room.

I tried,
I tried so hard
To synchronize my mind and my heart
Take time
As much as I need
No need to hurry
No need to listen anybody
Just being right here, right now
Living in my sanity

-Naz 180320

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Battling with “not good enough” feeling

Well I don’t know for how long to feel this, but living with mental health condition is not that easy. I don’t want to sounds like complaining or whining because everyone’s busy saving their own lives, of course everyone struggling and trying to live long. I mean its easy to be so negative and feeling like you’re not good enough because it’s even harder to shut your mind than just trying to distract yourself.

But I always coming back to myself, trying to understand my feelings and always be kind to myself. The fact is I maybe get use to it which make it easier to handle it now. Tho there are times I feel so down and wondering what is the point of me being here? What am I good at?

Of course it’s exhausting trying to always fit in society, covering my pain, sometimes pretending that I’m fine even actually not really, being vulnerable. But I always remind myself that it’s okay to feel that way. It means I’m a human being, and everybody has a different level of vulnerability. It doesn’t mean that some people are weaker when they’re easy to get vulnerable in a small problem. Mental health is matter, so this is not a joke. And I’m always enough, no matter what.

-Naz, 010320

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Welcome and enjoy your coffee

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my digital room, if you come in you gonna smell coffee brew 😀

Anyway you can call me Naz. Some of the major topics I will share are about books, movies, my journey with depression and anxiety, how to practice self-love, and some tips for others to take care of themselves.

Everyone are welcome to visit or just take a look, I hope you can enjoy and feel safe being here because this place are safe for you.


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